NQ Arbuckle Set to Record Live Album


Toronto’s Dakota Tavern will host the making of NQ Arbuckle’s upcoming live album this March. Buy tickets and be a part of the album.

Tickets here: March 24 and March 31

Happy American Release Day To The Future Happens Anyway, October 21, 2014.

NQ Arbuckle crosses the border and is now officially available in the U.S.
The boys are already in the international airwaves thanks to stations like: RADIO FREE AMERICANA, KDNK, RADIO VAGABOND, WCNI, and WOUB.

They also have a lineup of Canadian tour dates listed below:
WINNIPEG, MB: Times Change(d), Oct 31
WINNIPEG, MB: WECC, Nov 1 with Sadies ~ tickets
CALGARY, AB: Ironwood, Nov 11 ~ tickets
TWIN BUTTE, AB: General Store, Nov 12 ~ tickets
EDMONTON, AB: The Artery, Nov 13 ~ tickets
SASKATOON, SK: Amigos, Nov 14 ~ tickets
REGINA, SK: The Exchange, Nov 15
TORONTO, ON: The Horseshoe Tavern, Nov 22 ~ tickets
WAKEFIELD, QC: Blacksheep Inn, Dec 12 ~ tickets
KINGSTON, ON: Octave Theatre, Jan 23 ~ tickets

We filmed this song at the Toronto launch of The Future Happens Anyway in April.

NXNE 2014 | The Cameron House

NXNE 2014 – Saturday, June 21 5pm – The Cameron House


NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway
SARAH GREENE ~ Now Magazine

On this record, NQ Arbuckle’s brand of alt-country has evolved to encompass prominent piano parts, poppy alt rock songs and, lyrically, a tempered cynicism and casual, loving gratitude.
Quinlan’s lyrics tend to pair the mundane with the absurdly exaggerated (“Tell me where it hurts and I’ll move aside for traffic”) or play on clichés (“Death, I’m scared of you tonight”).
And the band tackles heavy shit like early childhood memories (on Vic Chesnutt cover Panic Pure, with an instrumental that includes fireworks), sickness (on college rocky Hospitals) and frustrated love (on standout piano ballad I Wish That My Sadness Would Make You Change).
With its unfailing rhythm section, the album propels itself into the future, but thematically it looks forward, too, juxtaposing talk of chores and worries with cinematic celebrations of tattered-at-the-edges but still-intact love.
Top track: Hospitals

~ https://www.nowtoronto.com/music/

Exclaim! Magazine 9/10

The Future Happens Anyway
Matthew McKean – Exclaim! Magazine

If all was right with the world, songwriters like Neville Quinlan would be rich and famous and we’d never have heard of three-quarters of the singing heads on mainstream radio. The frontman of the Toronto-based band, NQ Arbuckle, has lots to growl about and The Future Happens Anyway, the fourth album (fifth if you count the collaboration with the great Carolyn Mark) from one of Canada’s finest alt-country rockers, excavates to astonishing effect the emotional chasms created between life’s beginnings and endings.

There’s always been a weightiness to Quinlan’s lyrics, and this time around he wastes no time, singing on the first track “Back to Earth”: “So I’ll see you around/ As often as I can/ There’s a gravity to bodies/ That is making me touch down.” Other than the upbeat “Lifeboat (Song for Carolyn Mark),” though, it’s never all that clear whose births, deaths and affairs of the heart inspired the words here — the band shares songwriting duties, after all — but all of the verses, from the meet-your-maker epics (“Death” and the Irish poem “Art O’Leary”) to the relationship eulogies (“Rotary Phone,” “The Civil War is Over” and “Sleepy Wife”), hold together like a chain of events.

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The Globe and Mail | DISC OF THE WEEK

NQ Arbuckle’s latest release reflects on mortality, dreams, loathing and life’s gravity
BRAD WHEELER ~ The Globe and Mail

Neville Quinlan, the singer, lyricist and realist of Toronto’s ragged, rootsy rockers NQ Arbuckle, wears a tie (maybe) and works in music publishing during the day. He knows the score. He knows the medium is rotten for most. Some of his songs sound like better, boozier and wryer Jacob Dylan, that rich hack. Quinlan makes no money with his own (Juno-nominated) music.

Is he bitter? No more than you or I. Which is to say yes, just a little. On NQ Arbuckle’s thoughtful late-night album The Future Happens Anyway (out April 29), an often growling Quinlan offers sober reflections on mortality, dreams, loathing and life’s gravity. Life Boat (Song for Carolyn Mark) concerns a bar band on the road: “Standing in the spotlight without fear, what you see is what you get. Hand to mouth and eye to eye, who knows what’s gonna happen next?”

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Reasons to Live: NQ Arbuckle

Reasons to Live: NQ Arbuckle, Seeming, Big Scary
Ben Rayner ~ The Toronto Star

NQ Arbuckle, The Future Happens Anyway (Six Shooter). Toronto roots ’n’ roll quintet NQ Arbuckle has been quietly consistent for more than 10 years, but its fifth album — counting 2009’s fine collaborative disc with the lovely Carolyn Mark, Let’s Just Stay Here, that is — is a real charmer. No drastic change-ups in the mix, although the music might be a bit more ominous and brooding than usual in patches. That befits a record noticeably preoccupied with sickness, ageing, death and the various insecurities that can crowd a worried mind in the middle of the night, however, even if frontman Neville Quinlan tackles the subject matter with typical wit and humour. And, of course, with drink in hand. “Red wine, you must be so bored of our problems,” he muses on the rollicking “Red Wine,” while “Death” has him lighting up a cigarette to “scare away the bugs” in the dark of a woodland night and lamenting: “The bottleneck that drains is trying to kill me / Oh, death, I’m scared of you tonight.”
There’s a good balance of the boozy and the ruminative here, too. “Back to Earth” and the rousing “Hospitals” have some real grit and muscle to them, for instance, but they share near-equal space with quieter, wearier numbers like “Hot Shot,” the heartfelt elegy “Art O’Leary” and the heartfelt let’s-put-the-fight-behind-us lullaby “Sleepy Wife.” Lots to dig into here, musically and lyrically.

~ http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/


It’s been six years since the last NQ Arbuckle album was released. The story of the time in between XOK and The Future Happens Anyway (coming April 29, 2014) isn’t one of drama or tragedy, band hiatus or break-up. The explanation is no more or less complicated than life itself, the everyday events that happen to or in spite of us, the small details and big pictures that can crowd or clear our vision.

A new EPK captures a classic NQ Arbuckle show at The Dakota Tavern, complete with fans sharing their favourite NQ lyrics, one of the first live performances of the song “Hospitals,” and a rare interview with front man and songwriter Neville Quinlan.

In the EPK, Neville covers his own musical upbringing, his approach to songwriting and details about the new album. For an artist who typically avoids the spotlight, including using his own name in interviews, the EPK offers an unusually candid look into NQ’s life and process.

EPK Highlights:

On making music – “When I was 14 I went to go see The Pogues. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. That RUINED MY LIFE. I couldn’t go and do anything else after that; am I going to go and not try to start a fire everywhere I go?”

On the importance of the opening line of a song – “The first line is a call to arms.”

On the album title and tiger – “The title is about knowing what’s going to happen – we’re all gonna die. The tiger is death, it’s coming for everyone. You probably want to make an active choice about how you are going to live your life, understanding that there is this terrible ending for everyone.”

The Future Happens Anyway
( April 2014, Six Shooter Records )